The firm carries out the professional activity referred to in Legislative Decree 139/2005 in the form of an enterprise, in compliance with the provisions that regulate the Societies Between Professionals (STP), or the Law 183/2011 (Article 10) and the Decree of the Ministry of Justice n. 34 of 08.02.2013. It follows that Uniprof carries out its business under the supervision of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts with territorial jurisdiction (Monza), with registration no. 007/2017, and therefore observes the relevant Code of Ethics.

Uniprof operates in compliance with the main compliance obligations currently required of a professional firm, i.e. it adapts from time to time to the current regulations on Privacy (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR no. 679/2016) and Anti-money laundering (D . Legislative Decree 231/2007 as amended by Legislative Decree 90/2017).

The firm is insured for professional liability with policy n. A116C942749 by Lloyd's of London.

Uniprof manages and stores customer data, protecting them both during processing and archiving through an encrypted database, computer access password, encrypted external HD backup, decentralized cloud backup at a leading institution enabled for replacement storage.

The firm also operates using qualified external professionals where their specific skills are required. These external professionals are a small number whose roster is periodically expanded only after verification. The list is available in the appropriate section of this site.