The firm

Uniprof was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of another "data processing center" dating back to 1997.

Over the years the shareholder structure has undergone various modifications, until it settles in its current configuration.

Born in Milan, and later moved to the Monza area, today the studio forms a bridge between the metropolitan area and its richest province, assisting both customers in Milan and companies in Brianza.

The firm offers simplified and ordinary accounting services to firms, partnerships, corporations. Financial statements and tax returns complete the process of civil and fiscal assistance to the business world.

Furthermore, the firm offers assistance to Non-Commercial Bodies (associations and condominiums) for all civil and fiscal obligations that the law imposes on them.

The basket of services offered is completed by all the administrative procedures connected to the world of Public Bodies (CCIAA, Inail, Inps, Cassa Edile, Agenzia Entrate), or the opening of positions, any data changes, or the cancellation of positions outstanding.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the tax assistance for the management of Bonari notices issued by the Revenue Agency and Folders issued by Equitalia, an assistance that starts from the examination of the deed and reaches the installment (if the requested amounts are due) , to the application for self-protection / relief (if the amounts requested are not due).

The firm does not deal with tax litigation (mediations, appeals, etc.), delegated to trusted professionals.


Dott. Federico Serù

Partner - Commercialista

Dott.ssa Luana Rotolo

Partner - Tributarista

The team

Dott.ssa Luana Rotolo

Ufficio Contabilità

Rag. Palmira Nanfaro

Ufficio Contabilità

Rag. Simona Cordaro

Ufficio Contabilità

Jessica Torchia

Segreteria & Amministrazione

Lorella Ruzza

Back Office

Rag. Rosita Farina

Of Counsel - Contabile

Dott. Giovanni Pinna

Of Counsel - Commercialista

Dott. Roberto La Marca

Of Counsel - Commercialista

Avv. Pierluigi De Biasi

Of Counsel - Avvocato